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Your planner should never make you feel bad

Finally, a planner designed to be used how and when you want. The guilt-free layout is setup to support you whether you use your agenda a lot or a little. Planner peace, achieved.

  • Undated

    Start at any point in the year, and on any day of the week. No more choosing between an academic, mid-year, or a January calendar. Never stress about a Monday or Sunday start.

  • Flexible

    Needs change, and your planner should support that! This agenda is designed to give you the flexibility of a dot grid journal with the supportive structure of a traditional paper planner.

  • Simple

    The clean, minimalist design is free from distractions while leaving you lots of space for stickers, doodles, or memory keeping. Make it your own!

  • Non-Linear

    Great for cyclical or non-linear planning - the unlabeled and open design makes it easy to orient your planning around moon cycles, seasonal events, or whatever is meaningful to you.

  • Your planner works for you, not the other way around.

    This workspace is a tool meant to support you, which means you never need to feel bad about how you use it (or if you sometimes don’t use it at all)!

  • Eyes on your own planner.

    While looking at how other people use their calendars can be great for inspiration, it’s easy to fall into the perfectionist trap of feeling like you’re doing it wrong. Just because someone else does it differently doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.

  • Time is neutral.

    It’s easy to feel like you’re fighting against time when the truth is we’re often fighting against ourselves. Whether you work with the flow of time or agonize about every minute, the time is going to pass anyway.

  • Needs change.

    What’s working for you right now might not work later, and that’s normal! Our priorities, commitments, and lives are changing all the time; it’s okay to change our workflow too.

  • There is no magic trick.

    There is no perfect process that will solve all your problems or a planner that will make you perfect.
    We all just have to show up the best we can and find the systems that work for us.